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All across the South, fine old homes are being restored as historic landmarks. Southern Landmarks, the Southeast's premier builder of custom homes, is the award winning restorer of many of these homes, including the Henderson House of Selma, Alabama. Our experience with complex restorations has won us recognition for bringing the quality and beauty of those historic buildings forward in time.

Southern Landmarks, Inc. is a North Florida based, state-licensed General Contractor...The highest level of certification. This allows us to undertake projects ranging from the finest of private residences and condominium communities to restaurants, office complexes and structures for entertainment facilities and country clubs.

...The team was headed by Nicol Lux (of Southern Landmarks, Inc.) who saw that all of the original details whether in wood or plaster, were reproduced exactly..." "Restoration of Henderson House," Architectural Record

Henderson House restoration work by Southern Landmarks
The beautifully
restored Henderson
House of Selma, AL
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