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Twenty-five years of experience has earned us a reputation for craftsmanship, honesty and finishing projects on time and within budget. During that time we have also earned the respect and friendship of our clients and the industry.

So if you are considering new construction, remodeling or expanding, make your next home a Southern Landmark... Call Southern Landmarks for a consultation.

"...We think you've built us the 'creme de la creme' of homes." -- James V. Carr

"..Just a note to express our appreciation for the excellent results you achieved in constructing our home at Carillon Beach." -- Pat and Vic Zimmerman

"...To my observation Southern Landmarks earns their reputation for 'over-building' which is reassuring...a tour through one of their buildings discloses their belief in the highest quality work." -- Daniel M. Tucker, M.D.

"...We gave Southern Landmarks an impossible task. But, they succeeded in spectacular fashion. They finished our clubhouse in an impossibly short period of time. They also brought it in under budget. All without sacrificing their usual high level of quality." -- Bill Spann, Developer, Bay Point Yacht & Country Club

Inside the meeting house, Carillon Beach

Southern Landmarks // Luxury Home

Bay Point Lagoon Legend Clubhouse
Bay Point Lagoon Legend Clubhouse

Southern Landmarks     Telephone: 850-258-4090     Email: [email protected]

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