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Southern Landmarks - About Us

Excellence // Quality // Reputation

"Building Modern Homes with Old South Craftsmanship"

The architecture of the Old South has a tradition of quality, artistry, and distinction. At Southern Landmarks, that tradition is being carried on into the 21st century. As the Southeast's premier builder, Southern Landmarks translates the craftsmanship and artistry of the past into modern materials and building techniques to reflect the attitudes and needs of their residential and commercial clients.

Across the South, fine old homes are being restored as historic landmarks Southern Landmarks has won recognition for bringing the quality and beauty of these historic buildings forward in time. Though each home or commercial building Southern Landmarks builds is to itself unique, they all share one primary attribute ... excellence.

Decades of experience has earned Southern Landmarks a reputation for craftsmanship, honesty and finishing projects on time and within budget. If you desire a home built with the artistry of the old south and the elegance of modern architectural design, please review our current inventory, or contact us to build you a spectacular custom home.

Southern Landmarks     Telephone: 850-258-4090     Email: [email protected]

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